Spin Events has been formed by Alan Funnell. Exciting, challenging and fun. These events have a unique model where charities / schools / and clubs benefit with each entry.

Alan’s experience and passion is derived from organising Dunedins premier mountain race. This has given him the motivation to make these events memorable.

Get moving, time doesn’t stand still... and neither should you!

Old School fun and games will take you back to simpler times when your playground was your neighbourhood and you were outside until it was dark. Come for a laugh as children tackle sack races, obstacles, swinging apples, three leg races and a variety of challenges that will test their balance and coordination.

You must be pre booked and all entry is online through the link provided. Enter now and don’t miss out on this fantastic new event. Half of the $10 entry fee goes to the Otago Peninsula Trust for their conservation work.

Yesterday is gone, tomorrow never comes, today is the day.

Fuel your passion and sign up to participate in ‘Feed the Beast’.

Enter this obstacle relay and you get to pick which charity, school or club will get 30% of your entry fee.

'Feed the Beast' will give you and your friends a unique opportunity to experience an Obstacle Race in an Urban environment. Join in the fun and give your normal run an exciting new twist.

“A fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors”


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